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Brief Details on [email protected] encryption virus

[email protected] encryption virus is considered as a top file-encrypting ransomware infection which encrypts the users file and robbing money from them. Usually, it leaves a decryption guide after encrypting the files stored on the victimized computer users. This decryption guide seems like it would help the computer users for getting the decryption key. However, it is absolutely bogus and [email protected] encryption virus can do encrypt your system files under any circumstances. Although, it could resist the detecting of the installed system security programs and survive from the detection of antivirus software. In this kind of situation, we do not recommend you to keep this ransomware threat on your machine and you should fix these issues immediately.

How does [email protected] encryption virus gets inside your system?

[email protected] encryption virus is a very tricky infection that will produce a variety of spam emails with the theme of credit card bill or the bill of your bank. And when the users checked the claimed bills and open the attachments, then they will find that it is not such thing and set their mind at rest. But at this moment, there is a more severe issue ahead and that is [email protected] encryption virus which gets loaded onto your PC in a flash when you open the claimed bill attachments.

Malicious Effects Caused by [email protected] encryption virus

[email protected] encryption virus can encrypt your system files in order to blackmail you even when you are forced to purchase its decryption key. It can also destroy other crucial files stored on your computer. Besides, the ransomware threat can detect all the information on your machine and steal your privacy. Moreover, when you try to pay the ransom money to the criminal hackers by using the referenced website or method, then they will steal your payment info and steal all your money from your bank accounts. Hence, we feel it necessary to provide you with the reliable and easy instructions in order to get rid of [email protected] encryption virus completely and permanently from your computer.

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How To Manually Remove [email protected] encryption virus From Your PC

[email protected] encryption virus is a nasty malware. It is can do major damage to the infected computer system. Follow this guide to remove manually remove this nasty virus from your computer system.

How To Uninstall [email protected] encryption virus From Windows 8

Step 1: Boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode With Networking

  • At First, Press the Windows key + C together and then click Settings option.



  • Click the Power button, hold down Shift key on the keyboard and the click Restart.


  • Now Click on Troubleshoot option.


  • Select the Advanced Options from the Troubleshoot Menu.


  • Click on Startup Settings option.


  • Now select the Restart Button.


  • Press 5 on the keyboard to Enable Safe Mode with Networking.


Step 2 : Show all hidden files related to [email protected] encryption virus on Windows 8

  • Go to the Control Panel in Windows 8.


  • Type “folder” in search bar and then select Show hidden files and folders.


  • Go to the View tab and select Show hidden files and folders option.


  • Click on OK button and all hidden files related to [email protected] encryption virus will appear.

Step 3 : End [email protected] encryption virus related process from task manager in Windows 8

  • Type “Ctrl+Alt+Del” together to launch task manager



  • Go to Process tab to view running process on your system


[email protected] encryption virus associated files in task manager

%commondesktopdir%[email protected] encryption virus /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.lnk



%program files% [email protected] encryption virus /Banker.AMU /Filcout.Auninstall [email protected] encryption virus /Banker.AMU /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.lnk

%ProgramFiles%Protected SearchTaskSchedulerCreator.exe

%System%driversUAC[RANDOM CHARACTERS].sys

%Documents and Settings%All UsersApplication Data

%WINDOWS%system32driver [email protected] encryption virus /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.sys

%Documents and Settings%[UserName]Application DataT [email protected] encryption virus Banker.AMU /Filcout.A

C:Documents and Settings[user name]Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files

  • From Details Tab select [email protected] encryption virus related task and click End Process.


Step 4 : Uninstall [email protected] encryption virus related programs from Control Panel in Windows 8

  • Click the “Control Panel” app on Windows 8 Start Screen.


  • Scroll down and select “More Settings” option.
  • Go to “Programs category” and click “Uninstall a program option”.
  • In Classic View, click “Programs and Features” icon.
  • Now select [email protected] encryption virus related Program and click “Remove” button.
  • If Windows ask for confirmation, then click Yes.

Step 5 : Remove [email protected] encryption virus registry entries from Windows 8 Registry editor

  • Click “Windows + R” key together to open “Run Box”.


  • Type “Regedit” and click “OK” to open Windows Registry Editor.
  • Remove [email protected] encryption virus related registry entries from Registry Editor.

[email protected] encryption virus creates the following registry entries:













HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\[email protected] encryption virus

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Use [email protected] encryption virus Scanner to Delete [email protected] encryption virus

[email protected] encryption virus Scanner is powerful and advanced anti-spyware application that can easily remove [email protected] encryption virus threat from your PC. Quite often when threats become more vicious and easily bypass your anti-virus program then this amazing software ensures the complete and successful removal. It has been certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System, which proves the efficiency and authenticity of the software. The [email protected] encryption virus Scanner is also capable of detecting those threats which dodge your current anti-virus application and hide deep into your system. It is an automatic and interactive tool which gives you instruction and you don’t need to have any specific technical knowledge to use this application.

Features of [email protected] encryption virus Scanner

Powerful Scan Engine : It has powerful scan engine which efficiently scan your computer memory, windows registry, browser cookies and other system files. It can easily find out all hidden threats and infections including [email protected] encryption virus in a very short time and easily remove them from your PC completely.

System Guard : It also works like a powerful security guard for your system. It automatically stop all the malicious process and threats from executing your computer. With this system guard feature you can easily block any suspicious files like [email protected] encryption virus virus accessing your computer system.

Network Sentry : It is the another advanced feature of [email protected] encryption virus Scanner. It makes your Internet settings safe and secure and prevent any type of malicious modification by any threat when you browse the Internet.

Custom Scan : You can also save your time by using custom scan. You can scan any selected part of your computer at a time and save your time. [email protected] encryption virus Scanner gives you option to select and scan any specific part of your system for threats and viruses.

Scan Scheduler : With Scan Scheduler, you can also schedule your system according to your convenience. [email protected] encryption virus Scanner gives you freedom to set up an automatic scan of your system after a fixed time for smooth running of your PC.

User Guide : How To Use [email protected] encryption virus Scanner

Step 1 : Click “Scan Computer Now” button to start scan and find [email protected] encryption virus and other threats.


Step 2 : It will show the list of threats found on your system.


Step 3 : Spyware Help Desk provide support for spyware removal.

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Step 4 : System Guard blocks harmful programs from infecting your PC.


Step 5 : Network Sentry prevent the execution of threats.


Step 6 : With Scan Scheduler, schedule scan for your computer.


Prevention Tips To Avoid [email protected] encryption virus and Similar Threats

Use Updated anti-virus program : Always use updated anti-virus program in your system. This can safe guard your system from many threats and viruses. It will provide real time safety to your computer and can block harmful threats like [email protected] encryption virus.

Scan your PC regularly : You should also scan your computer on regular time intervals to detect any malicious threat or file in your computer. This can save your PC from major infection or data loss. You can also schedule pre time scan for the safety of your computer. Regular PC scan after fixed time interval can save you computer from any severe damage.

Turn On the Windows Firewall : Make sure that your Windows Firewall security is turned. It can alert you about any intrusion and you can remove threat on time. If you allow any threat like [email protected] encryption virus into your machine for long time then it can result into download of malware and viruses in your PC and can lead to major data loss.

Do not click on pop-up ads : You should avoid clicking unwanted pop-up ads. It can redirect you on some unknown and questionable websites from where you can get infected by malicious threats like [email protected] encryption virus. Also avoid fake update notification because it can also result into download of harmful programs on your computer system.

Secure Download : Always download files form official or trusted websites. Most of times [email protected] encryption virus infect your computer through bundled freeware programs. Also choose custom installation method and carefully read End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing any unknown program.

Spam mail attachments : Do not open any spam or junk email attachments. Cyber criminals also use spam emails to deploy harmful threats into your computer. It is one of the most common and easy method to drop any threat into users’ computer. So never open any spam email attachment that is not from any of your known person.

Scan USB drives before use : Always scan any external USB drive before using it. [email protected] encryption virus mainly travel through infected removable devices. It might happen that you insert any infected device into your PC and your PC get instantly infected.

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