Effective Tips For Deleting Servicecare.pro From Infected Browsers

By | February 7, 2018

Is your browser constantly lead you to Servicecare.pro? Have you noticed several unexpected modifications in web browser settings? Are you getting endless pop-up ads and messages in your System screen? If your answer is affirmative for all above queries then it is clear that you are a victim of browser hijacker infection. Well, no need to be panic because with the help of this post you can easily delete Servicecare.pro and deal with browser redirection issues.

Delete Servicecare.pro

What do you know about Servicecare.pro?

Servicecare.pro is a dubious site created by the group of cyber criminals with evil intention. This type of browser hijacker infection mainly irritates Computer users by displaying fake alerts messages and provoke System users redirections to the random domain for spoiling browsing experience. This domain mainly tries to believe System users that their System has been infected with viruses and they have to call on the provided toll-free number to get the technicians help. But before trusting on fake alerts, you have to know that it is not a good sign. Such a domain is mainly designed and used to ruin browsing experience and damage the Windows System.

How does Servicecare.pro attack Windows System?

It is one of the most common question asked by several infected System users. Servicecare.pro is mainly attack the Windows System via deceptive marketing method known as bundling method because this method hides the installation packages or such an infection within Custom/Advanced installation option skipped by several System users. Therefore, it is very necessary to know about the complete detail of installation. You should not process the installation procedure in hurry. Before installing any freeware packages, you must read the EULA, accept software license and opt Custom/Advanced option. By opting some simple safeguard tips, you can easily avoid your System against Servicecare.pro.

What are the common symptoms of Servicecare.pro?

As soon as Servicecare.pro gets activated on your PC, you have to suffer with lots of negative impacts, some of the most visible impacts of such a browser hijacker infection are listed below :

  • Automatically replaces users default homepage, new tab URL or search engine to Servicecare.pro.
  • Always lead victims to unsafe or third-party domain.
  • Downpour System as well as Internet performance speed by consuming too much Computer and network resources.
  • Alters entire browser, desktop and Computer settings.
  • Opens backdoor and exploit Computer vulnerabilities.

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Manual Steps : How To Uninstall Servicecare.pro From Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Uninstall Servicecare.pro Homepage from Chrome

Open Chrome.


Click on click on three horizontal menu icon (located at the top right corner).


Click on settings → “Set Pages”, uninstall Servicecare.pro, all other pages and make a new homepage www.google.com.



Uninstall Servicecare.pro Extensions From Chrome

Open Chrome → click on menu icon


Select option Tools →Extensions

You will get a page listed with all installed Add-ons/Extensions.


Select Servicecare.pro extension and click on their recycle bin icon to uninstall it completely From Chrome.

Restore Chrome Settings to its Default – Change Servicecare.pro

Open Chrome

Click on the tools menu icon→ go to Settings option.

Scroll down and select an option “show advanced settings… (located at the bottom of the setting page).

chrome settings

Now scroll down this setting window page and click on “Reser browser settings” button, reopen Chrome.

Finally, your Chrome has been restored back to factory default settings,

chrome reset

Uninstall Servicecare.pro homepage From Firefox

Open Firefox

Go to Tools menu (Hold F10 key once to enable the menu bar)


Click on “Options”


Here, you will see a window. now change Servicecare.pro homepage to www.google.com

Uninstall Servicecare.pro Add-ons From Firefox

Open Firefox

Go to Tools menu (Hold F10 key once to enable the menu bar)


Click on “Add-ons”

You will prompt a window, listed with each installed add-ons, Remove/Disable Servicecare.pro and unwanted addons from here.


Restore Firefox Settings to its Default – Change Servicecare.pro

Open Firefox

Go to Help menu (Press F10 key once to activate the menu bar)


Click on “Troubleshooting Information”.


You will obtain a Window, click on Reset Firefox button and follow on provided screen instructions.

Uninstall Servicecare.pro From Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer

Go to Tools menu from menu bar (press F10 key to activate menu bar).


Select Internet Options

A Internet options window will open up, go to General tab. Here you will obtain a homepage box.

Now change your Servicecare.pro homepage as you want. For eg – (www.google.com)


Restore Internet Explorer Settings to its Default – Change Servicecare.pro

Open Internet Explorer

Click on Tools option on menu bar (Hold F10 key to activate menu bar).

Click on Internet Options


A Internet options tab will prompt up, click on Advanced Tab.

Press on Reset button under advance tab.

IE, advance reset

Now, you will receive confirmation window again, mark on check-box “Delete Personal Settings”, then click Reset button on it.


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Efficiently Remove Servicecare.pro With Windows Scanner

The Windows Scanner is the most easy and highly suggested method by computer security professionals to get rid of Servicecare.pro like threat in hassle free way from system. Here are pointed some of the fantastic features of Windows Servicecare.pro Scanner program.

Protection from malware – This software has been best designed to keep system safe and secure from all kinds of spywares, keyloggers, trojans and malwares and also Servicecare.pro threat.

Compact OS – The feature is very helpful in rootkit and other hazardous infections removal from system.

Easy customer support – The Spyware helpdesk feature helps user one-on-one interactive customer support through which any issue which cannot be solved automatically will be fixed conveniently.

Newest malware definition updates – Daily updates to malware definition ensures full protection from newly introduced PC threats.

User interactive interface – The interface of this automatic tool has been designed to be easily use by any novice or professional user.

Backup:- Before starting Servicecare.pro removal process, it creates backup of existing data to avoid any possibility of data loss. So that it safe to use even for novice computer user.

Display Detail Analysis of Detected Threats:- After finishing the scanning, it generate report of all identified threats with detail analysis. So that user can easily know when malware come to their PC and what is its exact location. After knowing that you can also try to delete Servicecare.pro manually.

System Guards:- In this feature, software integrates various protection element to block infectious and severe threats like Servicecare.pro from entering, running and executing on your PC. It is also incorporated with Process and Active X control, Registry protection etc to give more strength to the system.

Network Sentry:- It provides complete control on your computer networking settings and keep system away from being infected with Servicecare.pro comes from current network active on the system. It also keeps your Internet settings from being damage, corrupt and modified. Furthermore, it is also responsible for your HOSTS file protection to give security to other Windows system files from illegal access.

Scan Scheduler:- This feature you may rarely find in other anti-malware software. It allow users to starts complete or advance system scan on their desired time on specified data even in your absence. It assure users that their computer is safe and secure with Servicecare.pro and other threats in their behalf.

Exclusions:- This is one of the fabulous feature provided by Windows Servicecare.pro Scanner that allow users to choose those objects which you do not want to include in the system scan in near future.

Simple User Guide for Windows Scanner

Step 1 – Launch the software and then click on the option, ‘Scan computer now’ which will then start the Scanner to scan machine for Servicecare.pro like malwares and viruses.


Step 2 – The results scanned by the tool will be listed in a preview pane on the system desktop which will give all detailed information about the infectious stuffs detected on PC.


Step 3 – Making use of Custom scan feature each and every area of computer can be scanned including the rootkit, registry, files, cookies and also memory.


Step 4 – Now with System Guard feature in action the execution all hazardous stuffs and processes related to Servicecare.pro on computer will be blocked.


Step 5 – Use of Network Sentry feature helps to prevent disturbance or malicious activity caused by the Servicecare.pro malware found on system.


Step 6 – This automatic tool can also be set to run and scan computer even though user is not near PC.



Prevention Tips For Removal Of Servicecare.proFrom Windows PC

97aac835489da277e8dd12c494d3dea5_XLMost of us have seen that when your computer get infected with Servicecare.pro, it started working slowly or works in different manner. Its not a virus rather than it is used as some sort of malware that had been detected over your computer. Its very annoying. They will instantly take your browser and will crash them completely. Servicecare.pro is basically designed by culprits who sit far away to do some evil work on your browser. And, consequently, your PC performance will be declined. So,here, I am mentioning some of the prevention tips which will keep your browser safe and secure. I am very sure that after reading this prevention tips, you will secure your system within time.

Install a genuine Antivirus program for get rid of Servicecare.pro:-

By installing an effective antivirus program, can help you in protecting your PC against harmful virus such as Servicecare.pro and some other sort of virus. Its scan will effectively help you opening from Spam email attachments, corrupt files and much more disastrous things.

Keep update your computer :-

Your computer will be protected by various security updates that will help your PC from this nuisance Servicecare.pro. For more info, you will see Turn automatic updating on or off.

Use Firewall:-

It plays a vital role in protecting Your PC against Servicecare.pro. By installing firewall, it will help by alerting you regarding suspicious activity created by Servicecare.pro in your system. It will also help in blocking viruses and prevent hackers from hacking or attempting to download potentially unwanted programs as Servicecare.pro to your System.

Don’t open any suspicious mail:-

You should not trust on any fake email as it get spread as soon as you open its attachments. So, don’t open it unless its something you are expecting.

Use Browser’s Privacy settings To Remove Servicecare.pro :-

By using browser’s privacy settings, it will help you by preventing fraud and identity theft. You can even adjust or restore your privacy settings whenever you wish.

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