Easy Guide To Remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Completely From PC

By | March 1, 2016

Pup.optional.homepage helper.a is a bad famed Trojan virus infection and it has ruined countless Windows computer since release. The malicious code of this program has been developed by a number of illegal software programmers and distributed worldwide through a variety of stealthy methods. Even your computer is protected by updated anti-virus and firewall Trojan virus can the possibilities of the system by the security loop holes to fall into finding vulnerabilities or unconscious Internet applications. To download free of charge software is very common these days and often ignore users to inspect additional programs in full forest and accept the EULA so the bundled Pup.optional.homepage helper.a program also get success for themselves in the background installing, along with the necessary software. The dissemination of these nasty programs Spam / junk emails are also used to open and just a single click or view contents can run the program on your PC.

The invasion of Pup.optional.homepage helper.a on a dedicated computer get dangerous changes to the system default program settings, security set-up, log files and configuration of different software applications. The program has the ability to disable Windows firewall and anti-virus programs to go unnoticed and often carry out all its malicious process. It put it every time the system start-up led by modifying startup log and also change registry entries. You can several other changes, including new shortcuts and icons new desktop background for brands, an unknown homepage or search engine on the web browser, displaying annoying online advertisements and redirect web pages, slow and decreased system performance, etc. PC displays symptoms operating system corruption, such as the appearance of the blue screen of death, starting suddenly back or shut down, etc. the program also installs various backdoor malware, spy on your browsing session to steal login details for various websites including online bank accounts and allows remote hackers to access your computer. As a result of all the terrible consequences you are advised to delete Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Trojan horse virus as faster as you can.

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Manual Ways To Remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a From Windows 7 PC

Pup.optional.homepage helper.a is one among the most dangerous computer infection that comes over to the targeted computer and contributes lots of troubles. If you will not take any proper action at right time, then it may prove to very dangerous as well as hazardous for you. Well, it is really very necessary for a Windows PC user to take quick action and look for an effective removal method so that you can save your computer from Pup.optional.homepage helper.a attack. Below given manual method can help you out to get rid of this threat quickly.

Step 1 : Uninstall Pup.optional.homepage helper.a by Restarting PC in Safe Mode

  • Restart your computer by pressing F8 for some time continuously.
  • Move arrow on the Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking with the help of keyboard and press enter key when Advanced Boot option appears.


Step 2 : Stop all running processes related to Pup.optional.homepage helper.a From Windows 7 Task bar

  • Open Task bar and then after from the given list click on the Task Bar Manager option.
  • Once Task bar opened, move on to its process tab and then after click on End button to terminate all the processes which are running behind system background and are related to Pup.optional.homepage helper.a threat.

%program files%Pup.optional.homepage helper.a /Banker.AMU /Filcout.Auninstall Pup.optional.homepage helper.a /Banker.AMU /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.lnk
%WINDOWS%system32driverPup.optional.homepage helper.a /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.sys
C:Documents and Settings[user name]Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files
%commondesktopdir%Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Pup.optional.homepage helper.a /Banker.AMU /Filcout.A.lnk
%Documents and Settings%[UserName]Application DataTPup.optional.homepage helper.a Banker.AMU /Filcout.A


Step 3 : Remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a and its related files From Registry Editor

  • Open Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in the Run box.
  • Now Select all the corrupt files related to Pup.optional.homepage helper.a.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Pup.optional.homepage helper.a
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “13376694984709702142491016734454”

  • Now click on the Remove Button to throw such corrupt files created by Pup.optional.homepage helper.a completely from the PC
  • Now Restart the computer system.


Step 4 : Uninstall Pup.optional.homepage helper.a and its related programs from the Control Panel In Windows 7

  • Go to the Start Button.
  • Move to the Control Panel.
  • Now open Add/Remove Programs from the given list.
  • Uninstall the all the unwanted programs and running processes as well related to Pup.optional.homepage helper.a. For this click on the “Uninstall” button.

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Note : Manual Removal Method is designed especially for the expertise people who are expert in handling system because it is a cumbersome process and requires more knowledge about the functioning of PC. This very process is not meant for the novice users who does not have full knowledge about the PC working. This is because even a single mistake done by you people can lead you to severe danger and may cause chaos in your PC. Well, you can go for the Automatic method to remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a like malicious threats completely from your computer. Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner has been launched for the such type of people who are novices and are infected by severe malware infection.

Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner To Remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Quickly

Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner is one of the best software and powerful tool that is compatible to work on every version of Windows Operating System and removes all kind of severe malware threats (no matter how dangerous or strong they are) like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a and its related bugs. The software provides real time protection to the Windows PC against rootkit, trojans, adware, browser hijackers and other lethal PC infections like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a. The best part about this tool is, it is very easy to use as it is based on graphical user interface which makes its user-friendly and can be used by novices as well. The software has the capacity to block the pathway which makes the infiltration of further malware threats into compromised machine. It not only fixes all types of system related issues but also optimizes as well as enhances performance speed of the computer. it provides complete protection against Pup.optional.homepage helper.a like malware threat and is available with latest malware updates. So, why wait, just click on the download button and own Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner for your system protection against malware infections.

Features of Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner

Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner is summed up with many of the advanced features that are quite enough for the removal of any kind of harmful parasites like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a and make system protected in future. Below some of its features have been discussed :

Graphical User Interface : This very software has graphical user interface which makes it a user-friendly software. It can be used by PC experts as well as novice users in a very easy way. It does not require any technical knowledge and works very efficiently.

Malware Detection : Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner is capable to detect all type of malware threats such as Pup.optional.homepage helper.a residing inside the PC and completely throw them out and does not let them come back.

Real Time Protection : The software provides real time protection to the Windows PC which ensure system protection all the time and prevents malware bugs like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a to get inside.

OS Compatibility : The best part about this tool is, it is compatible to work with all version of Windows Operating System including Win 8, Win 7, Vista and XP.

Latest Malware Definition Updates : It is capable to update itself when required and does not require your attention for update.

Scanning Process : The tool thoroughly scans the registry entry as well as whole PC and detects for the malware, unsafe programs, fake browser add-ons etc. and also Pup.optional.homepage helper.a related bugs and remove them completely from the computer.

System Performance Speed : It increases the performance speed of the affected computer and prevents issues like freezing or crashing of PC.

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User-Guide To Remove Pup.optional.homepage helper.a With Automatic Scanner

Step 1 : System Scan


Step 2 : Custom Scan


Step 3 : System Guard


Step 4 : HelpDesk


Step 5 : Network Sentry


Step 6 : Scan Scheduler


Why One Should Choose Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner

The Automatic Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Scanner is one of the best software amongst all and is user friendly tool. It has graphical user interface and is based on latest as well as advanced technology. It has been certified by West Coast Lab and is proved to be very useful software. The software provides real time protection to the PC and prevents malwares like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a from getting inside. One must own this tool for the better protection of their Windows computers.

Prevention Tips To Secure PC From Pup.optional.homepage helper.a Like Malware Threat

As it is always said that “Prevention is Better than Cure”. So, you must take proper care of your PC before using it or connecting it with the Internet. Pup.optional.homepage helper.a like harmful threat are always in single chance to attack your computer and do several malicious things. Here, some of the prevention tips are given for the sake of your system security.

Avoid Visiting Malicious Sites : While surfing internet, you must be alert about the web page you are visiting. Make sure that the web page you are moving on to is genuine or not. If find anything suspicious, close that window immediately.

Don’t Open Spam Emails and Its Attachments : Any suspicious attachment with junk emails may contain theatrical bug like Pup.optional.homepage helper.a that further become reason for system corruption.

Regularly Update Anti-Virus Software : Use a reputed and a strong antivirus software to protect PC from Pup.optional.homepage helper.a like harmful parasite.

Use a Strong Password : You should use a very strong password that must contain numeric character, symbolic sign, uppercase letter and lowercase letter.

Scan Removal Devices Before Use : It is necessary to scan every external devices you are connecting with your computer. This is done to protect PC from any kind of malware threat.

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