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Easy Way To Delete Dr. Clean Pro 2018 From Windows PC

An Overview on Dr. Clean Pro 2018 Being a System user, we all are familiar with the rogue System security and the optimization program. Recently a new rogue software named Dr. Clean Pro 2018 has been listed in this category. This rogue software has been developed by the same developer who created other dubious program.… Read More »

Steps To Block pop-up (Removal Guide)

Is pop-up powered by to join some surveys online is being flashed on your desktop? Are you being aggravated by the pop-up as it guarantees you that you can win as assured prize if you participate in the survey? These all symptoms indicate that your PC is definitely infected by an adware We… Read More »


Threat Summary: Name: MYCOMGAMES\MYCOMGAMES.EXE Type: PUP Distribution method: Spam email, bundling, suspicious links and etc. Damage level: Medium Detection: Click to run free scan for MYCOMGAMES\MYCOMGAMES.EXE Short description of MYCOMGAMES\MYCOMGAMES.EXE MYCOMGAMES\MYCOMGAMES.EXE is a potentially unwanted program. It uses the .exe executable extension filename. This may harm your computer. The MYCOMGAMES.EXE is actually the software and… Read More »

Ways To Delete CryptoPriceSearch Toolbar To Keep PC Safe

Have you installed CryptoPriceSearch Toolbar from Is it beneficial to click on the advertisement shown by CryptoPriceSearch Toolbar as it displays the ads which most of the times relates to your online work? This article will help in clearing all the doubts regarding what to do and what not to if your PC is… Read More »

Steps To Uninstall Hellmolip Safely From Windows PC

All You Need To Know About Hellmolip You might start thinking that Hellmolip threat is a severe application which corrupts the content on the web portals that you visit by injecting annoying ads, banners and sending numerous pop-ups with promotional content. Besides, it has the ability to modify the default homepage address on your installed… Read More »

Uninstall Memory Game Chrome Extension From Computer

Hello, friends. I am actually a huge fan of online games. However, for now, I'm a bit irritated by Memory Game Chrome Extension that continuously offer me to visit unfamiliar web pages and play games online. Nevertheless, not all advertisements displayed by this extension redirects me to gaming domains. Instead of gaming portals, quite often… Read More »

Remove Newtab-Media Quickly From My Computer

What do you mean by Newtab-Media? Newtab-Media is classified as PUP. It comes with the extension and hijack the default browser. The user get redirected towards the which offers to download movies and watch the video online. It is very annoying extension. It shows fake banners, coupons, ads and etc. What are the symptoms… Read More »

Convert Free Pdfs New Tab Removal Expert’s Solution

Convert Free Pdfs New Tab – Another Product of Polarity Technologies LTD Convert Free Pdfs New Tab is another product of the Polarity Technologies Ltd which is known for developing several variant of Potentially Unwanted Program. This company is known for republishing the old products under the new names so that System users cannot easily… Read More »

How To Uninstall Instantly Converter Extension From Windows

Instantly Converter Extension : Threat’s Summary Name Instantly Converter Extension Type Adware or PUP Risk Impact Low Description Instantly Converter Extension is able to make changes in your default browser settings and replace the pre-set search provider with its own dubious one. Possible Symptoms Performance degradation of system, other malware attacks, cyber theft, etc. Detection… Read More »

How To Remove Easy To Watch TV New Tab Quickly From Windows

A short description of Easy To Watch TV New Tab Easy To Watch TV New Tab is found in adware family and created by the Polarity Technologies Ltd. It is integrated with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This application has different kinds of behaviors which can't be ignore. This element is installed into… Read More »